Botaniq Castle

Tura, Hungary

There are several stories attached to one of the most beautiful castles of Hungary, which was built by the order of Baron Sigmund Schossberger as a sign of his love for his wife in 1883 The architectural features of the fairy tale historical building which is considered unique in Hungary, recall the milieu of the Loire Valley castles, which are listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

This unique jewel is home to BOTANIQ Castle of Tura, and by virtue of the original splendor as well as the modern facilities of the hotel that meet all the requirements of our age, it is the perfect choice for individuals seeking an authentic and luxurious environment paired with the highest quality culinary leisure and cultural experiences.

Key Features

  • 19 beautifully designed rooms and suites
  • Situated on 10-acre forest and park featuring Hungary’s iconic flowers and trees
  • Only 50 minutes’ drive from Budapest city center or from Budapest Airport
  • SPA Island: with outside pool and an outdoor fitness center with yoga terrace
  • Fine dining with Clarisse Restaurant to bistro style at Palmhouse Restaurant